Sara Stadem | Editor

The City of Crooks and the City of Humboldt are preparing for the possibility of elections, both of which would take place on April 12.
According to City of Crooks Finance Officer Tobias Schantz, there are currently two seats on the council that have their terms expiring, Mike Harstad serving Ward I which is a one-year term along with Jacob Maras serving Ward II which is a two-year term.
Schantz further explained individuals wishing to run for office need to circulate petitions and obtain the necessary number of signatures by registered voters from the ward they intend to serve. The petition due date for this is February 25 at 5 pm.
The City of Humboldt Finance Officer Kristie Ellis explained there currently have several seats on the council that are available which includes a seat for a one-year term, a two-year term and two three-year terms.
If someone is interested in running for city council, Ellis explained those individuals need to get a petition at the office or from online. The earliest to circulate petitions is January 28, according to Ellis, and have a deadline for filing of February 25 at 5 pm.